thermographyMy job as a Chiropractor is to find and correct a mechanical insult to the nervous system found in the spine when it misaligns called a Vertebral Subluxation. These Subluxations damage nerve actions and supply leading to all manner of health problems and disease processes which may be so subtle at the beginning you don’t even know, to a raging health problem after years of altered and depleted nerve supply.

X-Ray is what most Chiropractic offices use to find Vertebral Subluxations; for the longest time I’ve looked for an alternative to X-Ray because I knew they weren’t good for the body, then in 2007 the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came out and told us that X-Ray has been causatively linked to Leukemia, breast, lung and thyroid cancers!!! NO GOOD.

I found something better called Thermography.

In an article entitled “Chiropractic Thermography: Objectifying Subluxation” by Richard J. Story DC; Dynamic Chiropractic, January 14, 1994, it was stated: “The nerve pathways involved in the control of skin temperature have been well documented in the field of neuroanatomy (the study of nerves in the body). The biomechanical (how the body moves) alteration that occur in the presence of Vertebral Subluxation alters the function of these nerve pathways. It is because of the abnormal function of these nerve pathways that thermographic asymmetries verify the presence of Vertebral Subluxations. The Chiropractic adjustment corrects the Vertebral Subluxation and can be observed when the thermograms are returned to normal symmetry.” This means that Thermography shows the trouble areas in the spine and when they’ve been corrected.

Along with tests of the reflexes, muscles, posture and mechanics of the spine we use Thermography to find and to monitor the adjustment so that we deliver to you the best care available in the industry.

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