Most people when they think of Chiropractic they think of getting the spine “cracked”
and that may be true in some offices but not in this one. I do my specialty to free up the
nervous system inside that spine so that life and control can be carried over those
nerves from the brain to the body in order for that body to have all of its tools as strong
as they can be for nature inside that body to heal and run it as it was designed. It is
nature inside you that cures disease by making new cells to replace old ones, if those
cells are strong- no problems, if those cells are weak and inefficient then you are
growing a disease. According to science this is entirely dependent upon the health of
the nervous system; misalignment of the spine called Vertebral Subluxation destroy this

It is a ‘must’ that these Subluxations be corrected specifically and scientifically. The way
I do it is with a highly directed and measured low force of 6-30 ounces of pressure
guided by a thermograph to tell me when and where to adjust the subluxed vertebra so
it frees the nerves. Then we use Thermography to track your progress, this way YOU
can see the difference. Obviously symptoms alone don’t tell the complete story; a
splinter under your thumb nail can give you horrendous pain yet a cancer can grow for
years and you don’t feel a thing. This is why I go through all this work, to be sure for